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Yunnan Baiyao Tincture 120 ml


It all started from the Taierzhuang Battle of 1938 between China and Japan, where a man named Qu Huanzhang saved many Chinese soldiers by donating 30,000 bottles of medicine which he invented himself thereby making it the best Chinese medicine. The medicine was actually invented in 1902, when Qu Huanzhang, a Chinese man set out to explore the whole region to taste its' hundreds of herbs.
It was originally named “Qu Huanzhang Panacea” which was later named “Yunnan Baiyao”, which means “white medicine from Yunnan”. Yunnan Biayao has several different types for different kind of use, powder, tincture, plaster, band-aid. This medicine is classified as one of two Class-1 protected traditional medicines, which gives it a protection of 20 years. In China, this medicine is as reputed as penicillin in the U.S. The Yunnan Baiyao tincture is the liquid version of the Yunnan Baiyao.
This tincture can be applied on shoulder pain, joint pain, arthritis pain, muscular pain, low back pain due to sprains and bruises. A recent study at the Pecking University confirms that before surgery use of Yunnan Baiyao tincture reduced bleeding during and immediately after surgery by one-third and when used a few days after surgery it reduced swelling 29-32%.
The main ingredients of the medicine are closely kept secret. So far, what we know that there is Raw Sanqi and roots of Tienchi ginseng mixed with astringent to absorb excess pain, invigorate the blood and to enhance healing. Also there is Myrrh and Dragon's blood for reducing internal bleeding. Some other ingredients may be progesterone, saponins, alkaloids, Geranium and calcium phosphate. The taste and smell indicates that there are borneol and musk in the medicine. The herbal formula of the tincture contains Parviflora Ting, Ajuga forrestili Diels, Berba Gerrani, Dioscoreae, Rhizoma Dioscoreae, Radix Notoginseng, Herba Erodi, Rhizoma Dioscorea Nipponicae, Herba Inulae Cappase.
The tincture should be applied on the bleeding or pain area. Consult with doctor for sensitive skin, pregnancy and or if wants to use it on children. It should be applied gently 3-5 times daily. Wet the sponge head with the liquid by turning the bottle upside down and then apply it on the desired area.
Some precaution should also be followed before taking the medicine. They are as follows:
• An allergic person should not take
• Used only on external
• Do not cover the medicine used area with bandage or so
• Discontinue it if no results has been found after using it 3 days
• This medicine is not suitable for a person with severe irregular heartbeat
• Fish, lamb, beef, beans and cold food should be avoided for the best results
• Keep out of touch of children
Yunnan Baiyao is one of the wonder of modern science which is still kept as a national secret by the Chinese Government. The miracle ability of the medicine is widely known throughout the world and exported in many countries of the world.

Directions: Apply externally to the affected area and rub gently, 3 to 5 times daily. Not suitable for children under 2 and pregnant women.

Contains 120 ml

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  • Manufactured by: Yunnan Baiyao Group

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