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Bantu Wan

Bantu Wan is nourishing two of the organs that according to Chinese Medicine are responsible for healthy hair growth, that is the Liver and the Kidneys. As a result, it actually helps the body heal itself in order to re-grow hair. Bantu Wan Actions: Enriching the liver and kidney, nourishing the blood and quieting the spirit, supplementing qi and engendering hair. Indications: Use for alopecia...


Qi Bao Mei Ran Wan

Qi Bao Mei Ran Wan or Qibao Meiran Wan is used for early whiting of beard and hair, odontoseisis, seminal emission in dream, spontaneous seminal emission, and feebleness of waist and knees due to the insufficiency of the liver and kidney. Action in terms of TCM. Nourishes the Blood of the Liver. Nourishes Yin Kidney and Essence of Kidneys. Use for Symptoms. Alopecia, early gray hair, thinning of...