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chinese medicine Effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine is internationally acknowledged, it is known as reliable solution for those who are looking for an alternative to Western drugs. The problem is that with many databases and encyclopedias of Chinese natural medicines, many people simply do not know which herbal medicine can be suitable for a particular condition.

Chinese people had relied on TCM for their health for thousands of years. Today, TCM remains an integral part of China's health care system.

While modern medicines have been largely developed from the herbal medicines in the West, contribution of TCM to modern medicines is noticeably missing. As health care costs are soaring and current new drug development programs are disappointing, we believe that TCM represents an unprecedented opportunity for developing new medicines that can help people live a healthy and active life.

Shenyi Center of Chinese Medicine is located in Hong Kong city, South East Asia.
We supply the wide range of TCM products worldwide:

* Patent herbal medicines from Beijing Tongrentang, Lanzhou Foci etc.

* Organic raw herbs

* Acupuncture equipment

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