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Xiao Ai Ping Pian

Xiao Ai Ping Pian is used for the treatment of esophageal cancer, stomach cancer. FUNCTION and INDICATIONS For esophageal tumors, stomach tumors,also have some effect on lung tumors, colorectal tumors, cervical tumors, leukemia and other malignant tumors. Xiao Ai Ping Pian can be combined with radiotherapy, chemotherapy and postoperative treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicine Functions...


Xihuang Wan

Xihuang Wan from Beijing Tonrentang or Cattle Gallstone Pill ( Bovine Bezoar Pill ) Effective in treatment of Cancer,Xihuang wan works to prevent the growth the various cancer cells in culture conditions. Functions: reduce side effects due to chemotherapy and radiation therapy; to improve function of bone marrow in production of blood cells; to increase appetite, keep body weight. Xihuang Wan...