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Bao He Wan


Bao He Wan pills for digestive disorders is a modern medicine of Chinese medicine, whose action is purposefully aimed at improving the condition of the body. Bao He Wan promptly eliminates stagnation of food in the stomach, fights pain symptoms and stabilizes the functioning of the spleen and stomach.

Indications for use:
pain in the abdomen;
frequent eructations, nausea and vomiting with a sour smell;
plaque on the tongue, fast-paced pulse;
pain, heaviness and discomfort in the stomach;
lack of appetite;
constipation, upset stomach.

Bao He Wan Composition:
Shen Qu (dissolves stagnation of food, strengthens the spleen);
Shan Zha (promotes the digestion of fatty foods);
Lai Fu Zi (accelerates the circulation of metabolism);
Ban Xia (eliminates food stagnation);
Chen Pi (increases the level of the immune system);
Fu Ling (expels excessive fluid from the whole body);
Lian Qiao (removes pathological processes and eliminates infections).
Instructions for use:

Bao He Wan Dosage: take 8 pills at a time. Bao He Wan should be taken half an hour before the meal, or 1 hour after meals three times a day. You should also refrain from taking spicy food.

Contraindications: general or partial intolerance of the constituents of the drug. Do not use pills during pregnancy and lactation.

Contains 200 pills.

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  • Manufactured by: Lanzhou Foci (Minshan brand)

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