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Niuhuang Shangqing Wan


Product Name: Niuhuang Shangqing Wan
Size: 6g X 10pills

Niu Huang Shang Qing Wan is a Chinese herbal medicine that has been used for centuries to treat all manner of open wounds, sores and ulcers. It appears to work by reducing the inflammation that is a symptom of herpes and this in turn reduces the often painful burning sensation of the condition.

Actions Niu Huang Shang Qing Wan
To clear heat and purge fire, disperse wind and kill pain
Indications Niu Huang Shang Qing Wan
Headache, dizziness, bloodshot eyes, tinnitus, sore throat, or sores in the mouth and tongue, swollen painful gums and constipation due to abundant heat in the interior and upward attacking by wind-fire,in addition, used for acute gingivitis, acute tonsillitis, acute pharyngitis, hypertension, etc.
Usage and Dosage Niu Huang Shang Qing Wan
1 big honeyed pill or 3g watered pills each time, twice a day

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  • Manufactured by: Tongrentang

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