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Xiaotong Tiegao


Xiaotong Tiegao (Cheezheng Pain Relieving Plaster) - contains 5 plasters. Usage:
clean the skin of the affected part, peel off the protective film of the plaster and put the diluents contained in the attached plastic tube evenly on the middle of the medicine pad, apply the plaster on the affected area(s) and press the plaster edges lightly. One treatment period is 8-10 hours. It is recommended that 5 plasters be applied continuously for 5 days as a treatment period.

Cheezheng Pain Relieving Plaster (CPRP), refined from pure natural herbs from Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, is processed under high-tech vacuumed hypothermic and dehydrated conditions. It contains extremely active ingredients as external therapy for promoting blood circulation and removing stasis to effectively relieve pains on acute muscular contusions or injuries within 24 hours. It has also proven efficacy as reliever for chronic pains after 24 hours of application. CPRP has also proven effects as reliever for chronic pains after 24 hours of application. CPRP is formulated as a rectangular medicinal pad based on a hypoallergenic adhesive.
The active ingredients in CPRP include: Phlomis rotate benth, Myricaria germanica (L.), Oxytropis falcate bge.

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