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Anshen Buxin Wan


Anshen Buxin Wan or Anshen Bu Xin Wan pills have a calming and normalizing effect on the central nervous system, have a mild effect on lowering blood pressure, improves sleep and memory, anti-arrhythmic action. It is recommended to take in case of disruption of the central nervous system, after a stroke, with neuroses, neurasthenia.

Anshen Buxin Wan Action of traditional Chinese medicine: nourishes the heart, calms the spirit, replenishes the Qi and tones up Yin, nourishes blood, eliminates heat and removes anxiety. Anshen Buxin Wan is effective enough in the treatment of diseases associated with deficiency of Yin liver and kidney and hyper-function of fire from Yin deficiency.

Anshen Buxin Wan eliminates symptoms such as fearfulness, insomnia, thirst, afternoon glow, frequent dreams, pollutions, fever in the "five centers" caused by the insufficiency syndrome.

Anshen Buxin Wan Recommendations for use:
memory impairment;
irritability, short temper;
insomnia, an abundance of dreams;
as a remedy after a stroke, with neuroses and neurasthenia;
heart palpitations, frequent sweating, dry mouth, after-dinner fever;
dizziness, ripples in the eyes;
noise in ears.

Anshen Buxin Wan Ingredients: conchiola conchiola cone, remembrance root glue, Chinese magnolia vine, multi-flowered mountaineer stems, ecliptic white grass, multi-rooted sage root, Lencoran albic corpus, rhizome of cereal grass.

Dosage: take 15 pills at a time, 3 times a day.
Anshen Buxin Wan Contains 300 pills.

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  • Manufactured by: Lanzhou Foci (Minshan brand)

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