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Mai Wei Di Huang Wan


Mai Wei Di Huang Wan is an anti-inflammatory broad-spectrum Chinese medicine. Regularly conducted courses of taking this remedy, produced on the basis of the ancient prescription of non-traditional Chinese medicine, Mai Wei Di Huang Wan can help many patients to get rid of various diseases of the respiratory, kidney and pancreas organs.
The components of this truly universal drug have a directed strong effect on the various diseases, eliminating the root of the disease and providing a pronounced analgesic effect. The unpleasant symptoms of diseases of the respiratory system (coughing, sniffing, sweating, aching joint pain, etc.) begin to disappear just two to three days after the beginning of the health course using Mai Wei Di Huang Wan.

Mai Wei Di Huang Wan Indications for use:
diabetes in the initial stages;
bronchial asthma;
pulmonary tuberculosis;
emphysema of the lungs;
chronic bronchitis accompanied by difficult sputum withdrawal;

Mai Wei Di Huang Wan Composition:
in the production of a unique product with a wide range of natural, environmentally friendly raw materials are used including medicinal plants harvested in mountainous regions of China.

Dosage: take 8 pills at a time, 3 times a day.
Contains 200 pills.

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  • Manufactured by: Lanzhou Foci (Minshan brand)

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