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Shiquan Dabu Wan


Shiquan Dabu Wan is a traditional Chinese medicine, the first mention of which is attributed to the time of the Song Dynasty 960-1279. It helps to replenish the energy of Qi and blood, the lack of which is usually accompanied by excessive palpitation, dyspnea, pale complexion, sweating, dizziness, loss of appetite, increased fatigue and chilliness in the limbs. Shiquan Dabu Wan has a complex restorative effect and it can be of great help to those who experience weakness after the illness, blood loss (including menstrual disorders in women), chronic fatigue syndrome.

Shiquan Dabu WanIndications for use:
frequent chronic diseases;
gastritis (chronic, atrophic), gastric emptying;
cirrhosis of the liver;
eczema of the lungs;
severe illness and blood loss;
to increase life expectancy;
menstrual cycle disorders;
long-term healing of wounds, ulcers, eczema, furunculosis;
with oncology for recovery after chemotherapy and radiotherapy;
vegetative-vascular dystonia by hypotonic type;
Shikhen's syndrome;
in the period after operations, childbirth.

Shiquan Dabu Wan Composition:
Ginseng root Panax ginseng;
Poria coconut Poria cocos;
Codonopsis ctenophyte root Codonopsis pilosula;
fried rhizome of atraktylodes large-headed Atraktylodes macrocephala;
Dudnik Chinese root Angelica sinepsis;
Licorice Ural root (fried with honey) Glycyrrhiza uralensis;
Astragalus membranous (roasted with moth root) Astragalus membranaceus;
Peony milky-flowered (roasted in wine root) Paeonia lactiflora;
Ligusticum Wallich rhizome Ligusticum wallichii;
Remaniya glutinosa (root treated) Remannia glutinosa;
Cinnamon tree (bark) Cinnamomum cassia;

Dosage: 8-10 pills per time, three times a day.
Contains 200 pills.
Manufacturer: Langzhou Foci

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  • Manufactured by: Lanzhou Foci (Minshan brand)

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