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Tongren Niuhuang Qingxin Wan Premium


Tongren Niuhuang Qingxin Wan is a Traditional Chinese medicine used for rinforcing vital energy, nourishing the blood, tranquilizing the mind, and eliminating phlegm.
Indications: Internal heat, palpitation, dizziness, apoplexy, difficulty in speech, skewed mouth and eyes, hemiplegia, coma, sticky phlegm caused by insufficiency of body fluid, and accumulation of phlegm.
Tongren Niuhuang Qingxin Wan Clinical applications: Guard for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems.

Specification: 5g is 100 tablets.
Dosage : take 40 to 80 tablets at a time, 2 times a day.
Contains 20g * 2 bottles.

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  • Manufactured by: Tongrentang