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Dang Gui Pian


Dang Gui Pian or Danggui Pian is widely used Chinese medicine made on the basis of the Chinese root of Angelica, so it is often used as a fortifying agent, which includes many vitamins and micro-elements necessary for the body.

Dang Gui Pian Pharmacological action: it has antibacterial and analgesic effect, promotes the accumulation of glycogen and relaxation of the uterus musculature, protects the liver, prevents the formation of thrombi, suppresses platelet aggregation, stimulates the recovery of hemoglobin and erythrocytes, promotes vasodilation and effectively acts in angiospasm, strengthening coronary circulation.

Dang Gui Pian Action according to traditional Chinese medicine: promotes emptying and moisturizing the intestine, soothes the nervous system, strengthens the heart, replenishes blood, actively nourishes the spleen and liver, activates blood circulation, eliminates blood stasis, and promotes blood formation.

Indications for use: Dang Gui Pian should be taken for conditions that are associated with anemia of the body against blood loss or chronic diseases, such as:

with chronic or protracted hepatitis;
with anemia;
with posthepatic cirrhosis of the liver;
with algodismenorea;
with constipation caused by dryness of the intestine;
with dysentery, bloody stool;
with an increase in the menstrual cycle;
with premenstrual syndrome;
with bruises and wounds;
with abdominal pain caused by stagnation of blood;
with psoriasis, non-healing ulcers and other skin diseases;
at dizziness caused by anemia;
with headaches;
with rheumatic pains;
with physical and mental overwork, which cause memory loss and distraction.

Dang Gui Pian is effective in the following diseases:
with anemia;
for various types of skin diseases (psoriasis, furuncles, carbuncles, ulcers);
when the uterus is lowered;
with rheumatism;
with atherosclerosis.

Dosage: take 3-4 tablets per time, 3 times per day.
Dang Gui Pian contains 100 tablets.

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