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Kunbao Wan


Kunbao Wan or Kun Bao Wan for woman is not even for the disease, but for the condition of a woman into menopause.

Kunbao Wan Indications for use: disorder of the body in the pre- and menopausal periods of the emptiness of the kidneys and liver. Kunbao Wan pills nourish these organs and replenish blood, which facilitates convulsions and quenches fever, calming the spirit and improving the conductivity of the meridians. The use of Kunbao Wan is recommended for symptoms: irregular menstruation, tidal fever and sweating, insomnia and anxiety, tinnitus and dizziness; feeling of thirst and aches in the body and joints.

Kunbao Wan Composition:
nu zhen zi (the fruits of the shiny cobweb);
fu pen zi (morinda vulgaris);
tu si zi (dodder seeds);
gou qi zi and di gu pi (berries and peel of the root of the tree);
he shou wu (highlander multicolor);
gui jia (tortoiseshell);
nan sha shen (broadbellow bells);
mai dong (Japanese oypopogon);
suan zao ren (zizifus);
huang qin (Baikal skullcap);
di huang (the root of the remaney is sticky);
bai shao and chi shao (white peony root, peony red);
dang gui (the root of the Greek Julian);
ji xue teng (stem of meshletium netted);
zhen zhu mu (conchiola pearl conch shell);
shi hu (noble dendrobium);
mo han lian (eclipta white);
sang ye (mulberry leaf);
bai wei;
zhi mu (asemodren asphodel).

For treatment purposes: 1 sachet a time, twice daily, after meal.
To be taken orally taken with warm water.
Size: 5g X 10sachets

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  • Manufactured by: Tongrentang

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