Heart syndromes

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Danqi Pian

Danqi Pian to regulate menstruation. Contains 36 tablets. Take 3-5 tablets per time, 3 times per day. Function and Indication: Promoting blood flow, removing blood stasis. Indicate for stagnation of QI and blood, paralysis and pain in the heart and chest, dizzy, headache, abdominal pain in menstruation.


Danshen pills from Tasly

Danshen pills may alleviate issues resulting from angina pectoris, chest pain or discomfort due to coronary heart disease, and qi stagnation and blood stasis. Derived from the highest quality ingredients, Danshen pills help activate stagnated blood, promotes stasis and regulates Qi primarily in the heart meridian. Dosage: To be dissolved in the mouth, 10 pills at a time, 3 times a day. Contains...


Guanxin Suhe Wan

Guanxin Suhe Wan is used for for Coronary Heart Disease and for prevention and treatment of angina pectoris. Contains borneol. Dosage: take one tablet per time, 1-3 times per day. Contains 0.85g * 30 pills * 6 bottles.


Naoluotong Jiaonang Capsules

Naoluotong Jiaonang, Capsules for stroke This Traditional Chinese medicine is a properly selected combination of active herbal ingredients for the prevention and treatment of stroke. Active Ingredients: sage extract, extract of astragalus Action: improves blood circulation and the functional state of the brain; helps to normalize the metabolism in the damaged parts of the brain; cleans...