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Jinkui Shenqi Wan


Jinkui Shenqi Wan is a popular Chinese medicine prescribed to people of middle and older age for toning and warming of Yang - the energy of the kidneys, and also for young people with an energy deficit of Yang - the energy of the kidneys.

Jinkui Shenqi Wan Action
Warms the kidneys and strengthens the Yan energy of the kidneys, increases sexual function, normalizes the work of the genitourinary system, slows down the aging process, increases the body's immunity.

Pharmacological action
It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-edematic effect, lowers blood pressure, removes toxins, lowers blood sugar and lipids, resists aging, strengthens immunity, promotes interferon production, physiological function and maintains normal metabolism.

Jinkui Shenqi Wan Indications for use:
chronic pain, weakness and coldness in the legs and lower back;
premature ejaculation;
weakening of potency;
weak erection;
male infertility due to oligospermia and low activity of spermatozoa;
gynecomastia in men, decreased sexual desire;
infertility in women;
senile incontinence, enuresis;
in the reduction of hearing and sight, noise in the ears, memory loss, hair loss.

Jinkui Shenqi Wan is recommended to take it for about 6 months.
Dosage: Take 4-5g (20-25 pills) at a time, 2 times per day.
Contains 360 pills

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  • Manufactured by: Tongrentang

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