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Bazhen Wan


Bazhen Wan or Ba Zhen Wan, also known as the "Eight Jewels" pills, is a unique Chinese medicine whose formula was developed back in the 13th century specifically for women to make up for the energy of Qi and restore vitality to help them from lack of energy and emotional depression during menstruation.

Bazhen Wan is perfectly suitable for both eliminating discomfort during menstruation, and in the postpartum and postoperative period: it has a tonic and immune-modulating effect, restores blood loss, normalizes the hormonal background of the female body.

Bazhen Wan action of the components:
Rehmannia nourishes blood;
the peony root removes toxins from the blood, eliminates pain;
codonpsis strengthens Qi, tones up blood;
porphyritis coconut has a soothing effect, relaxes the muscles;
atraktylodes and licorice stimulate the immune system, promote good digestion;
ligusticum contributes to the influx of blood and Qi, relieves pain;
The root of the angelica improves blood circulation.

Bazhen Wan Indications for use:
irregular menstruation;
postpartum and postoperative period;
premenstrual syndrome.

Bazhen Wan Contraindications:
lactation period;

Bazhen Wan Ingredients: rhizome of atratylylodes of large-headed, roots of codonopsis fescue, porphyric coconut, roots and rhizome of licorice of the Urals, root roots of the peony of the pomegranate, rhizome of the lingusticum chuanxion, roots of the Julianus.

Dosage: take 8 pills per time, 3 times per day.
Contains 200 pills.

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  • Manufactured by: Lanzhou Foci (Minshan brand)